March 12, 2024
The TCORS 3.0 - CAsToR Data Analysis and Modeling Core (DAM) created this bulletin to keep you updated on the latest data and resources available through the DAM.

Have you ever wondered, “What does the DAM Core do, and how can it help me?”

The Data Analysis and Modeling (DAM) Core provides data processing and analysis services to the four Center Projects, the Career Enhancement Pilot Projects, the TCORS Consortium, and the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP). It ensures high data collection and analysis standards and uniform measures of tobacco use across research projects.

The DAM Core will also provide the infrastructure for disseminating the resulting tobacco use parameters, mortality rates by tobacco use status, and modeling tools and results.

Data Requests

The DAM Core has harmonized datasets from different surveys available for CAsToR investigators.

We have defined tobacco use and new tobacco use variables by product. We have integrated each wave into multi-wave analysis datasets, including PATH, MTF, NSDUH, NYTS, TUS-CPS, NHIS, and tobacco sales data.

The DAM Core manages data requests from Center investigators and pilot project grantees through the CAsToR website.
We also provide the data dictionaries for derived variables by the DAM Core. These datasets are available for approved users. If you wish to use any of these datasets or would like to request the creation of new variables for your analysis, please submit a request to the CAsToR DAM Core. Additionally, we manage access to restricted versions of some of these datasets.
DAM Core Data Request

Computational Infrastructure

To support complex and computing-intensive data analyses and model simulations, the DAM Core has developed a computational infrastructure, including three workstations with up to 120 cores each and large RAM, available to CAsToR investigators.
For example, the processing of the Markov State Transition analyses of PATH data, which usually takes several weeks using a single processor, now takes only a few days with parallel processing. Please contact us to get access and instructions for connecting to these machines.

Software and Modeling Resources

The DAM Core hosts several modeling tools and here are three examples:
Weighted Multistate Transition Model (WMSM). This software allows multistate transition analyses to incorporate survey and replicate weights for use with PATH and other complex surveys.
Smoking and Vaping Simulation Model. This Excel software was developed to estimate the public health implications of nicotine vaping products in the US and could be applied to other countries.
Intersectionality visualization tool. Developed to identify disparities in cigarette, e-cigarette, cigar, and smokeless tobacco use at the intersection of age, sex, race/ethnicity, and income.  The tool helps identify high-risk groups and can guide tobacco control policies to reduce disparities in tobacco use.
Research and Data Modeling Tools


In collaboration with the Admin Core, we developed and maintained the Resources website, which is used to disseminate Center products, including software and modeling resources. We also publish the CAsToR - DAM Beaver bulletin, a newsletter to inform CAsToR investigators about updates to available variables and datasets.
DAM Core Resources


We have previously organized workshops for CAsToR investigators and trainees in collaboration with the CEC, including a workshop on Linux and RStudio server, and a workshop on software version controlling with Git and GitHub. You can find recordings of our workshops on the CAsToR website.

Consultation and collaboration

The DAM Core includes investigators and staff with expertise in survey and longitudinal analysis methods and mathematical/ statistical modeling of tobacco use and health outcomes. CAsToR investigators and trainees can contact the DAM Core for assistance with study design and analysis planning. Depending on capacity, our analysts can also assist in analyses that support DAM Core aims.
Contact us

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