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Dr. Brouwer developed a weighted multistate Markov state transition model, which estimates underlying transition rates between tobacco use states from longitudinal data on individuals, incorporating complex survey design that requires use of sample weights. The model was further specified to estimate the effect of sociodemographic variables on the rates of these transitions. An example code to run this Markov Model is provided through this CAsToR resource website. Please note: This download is for the previous version 1.1, released October 6, 2021. Click here to download the current version 1.3, released May 17, 2024. Version history
-Base distribution
-Add optional covariate matrix and confidence interval functionality to wmsm and fix minor typos.
-Fix initial parameter guess code in example.
-Add the covfix argument, so that covariate hazard ratios can be estimated for only specified transitions.
-Add functionality for numeric valued covariates.
-Add maxfun as a optional argument.
-Fix bug in which the referent group of covariates in multivariable models could be wrong when mixing factor and continuous covariates
-Change covfix functionality so that specified log hazard ratios are fixed at initial conditions, not 0.
-Aligned control argument with msm model. See help(bobyqa).


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